I'm an avid fan of burgers, especially on barbeque parties. I want to try and make burgers on my own, how to make a beef patty? Is there any secret to make them hold and not fall apart while cooking?

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My mom taught me to take ground beef (or ground turkey for a leaner, healthier patty), an egg, some bread crumbs, and some chopped onion and green pepper and mush them all together (we'd use our hands) and then form them into patties. To keep them from crumbling, don't add too many bread crumbs. It's easier if you add them slowly while mushing. The egg will also help to hold it all together.


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It's so easy - just get some minced beef and shape into patties. That's the most basic beef burger.

However, you'll probably want to jazz it up a bit.

For texture and flavour, add some finely chopped onions. You could also add some chopped carrot.

To help it bind together, add some beaten egg.

For seasoning, try salt and freshly cracked pepper, onion powder or a pinch of stock powder.

For richness and depth of flavour, try fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce.

You could even experiment with different herbs and spices, and chilli (fresh or dried flakes).


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The key to keeping your burgers together is to use fresh ground meat. Take your meat add a packet of onion soup mix and a little salt and pepper form your patties and throw them in the grill.


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I often add a bit of sweet chilli sauce. Lightly form the meat into a ball, cook for a minute or two then turn it over and flatten; the cooked bit helps hold the beef together (in theory, at least!).

As you can see from the other answers, home-made burgers are great fun for experimenting with ingredients! I keep meaning to have a go at forming the meat around some grated cheese - maybe dinner tonight...


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The 'secret' for making great burgers is to test your mixture by frying up a small patty before proceeding to make your burgers. This gives you a chance to test it for seasoning, taste, and consistency.

A beaten egg is the usual binding ingredient. If your test patty falls apart in the pan, then you might consider adding another one.

I never bother much with recipes. To be a good cook you need to learn some basic techniques and to taste, taste, taste your food.

BTW, I don't buy mince (ground beef). I prefer to make my own.



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a beat egg in the meat! we add onions seasongs and egg. sort of like a meatloaf minus the bread crumbs. You must make sure and incorporate the egg very well so that you dont get egg chunks in your meat while its cooked.


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The best burger is without a bunch of extra spices and grilled on a fire. Take the desired amount of meat and roll into a tight ball. Then smash together with your hands and pushing in with your thumbs on the edge to make it into a circle. Just push real hard and this will give you a burger that won't fall apart.


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An alternative to egg is to use a hamberger patty maker. My friend gave me one as a gift and I use it all the time now. It's also nice because you can make all the patties turn out to have the same amount of meat. It also makes it easy for an amateur bbq person, like myself, to cook them all evenly and they fit nicely on a bun. You can of course still use egg/spices to your liking, but the patty maker keeps the meat from falling apart.


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Forming the patty is the secret to keeping the burger intact. Firmly press the meat into the shape you desire. Adding eggs or crumbs (as suggested above) also works but changes the texture of the beef.

For really REALLY good burgers, spinkle on some Weber's Gourmet Hamburger spice. We use it in our concession trailer and always hear we have the tastiest burgers!


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Don't over-handle the beef! It's the #1 mistake made by burger shapers, and it's why the patty falls apart while cooking. Egg, garlic, onion, all these are great ideas, but don't over-handle the meat!


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