Okay, what is the deal with the meat you see in the store that is turning green? I have been told that this is okay and is safe to eat. Does anyone know the truth about this?

asked 16 Oct '09, 17:48

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If meat is greening, it is caused by bacterial action, usually lactobacillus viridiscens, but there are other possible organisms, and the greening might be a hint of worse things.

Greening indicates poor hygiene and cleanliness standards. Anyone trying to sell greening meat in the UK should be reported to the Environmental Health Department, who will close them down until standards are acceptable.

If you are in a place where health regulations are lax, you may have little choice. If the meat is fairly fresh, you might be OK if you cut off the affected parts immediately, and scald the surfaces with boiling water (and the knife you used). Then you can try cooking it.

I'd avoid it as far as possible. The chances of "staphylococcal laxative effects" are genuinely high.

Don't believe the man in the store, he just wants your money.


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While it is true that various meats can when introduced to oxidation change colors and still be perfectly safe to consume. Green coloration on any meat indicates a mold colony is forming on the meat surface and should not ever be consumed.


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I have never viewed green meat as acceptable to consume. It can turn green from oxidization, but more than likely it has some sort of bacteria growing on it from sitting in the air. I would steer clear of any sort of discolored meats because they easily harbor harmful bacteria.


answered 16 Oct '09, 20:48

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I would not eat green meat, not with a guy name sam, on a train in the rain. I will not eat green meat sam i am. and you should not buy that meat.


answered 17 Oct '09, 22:36

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Green meat is a meat that has not been aged. When the animal is slaughtered, it is left at least 24 hours to rest....rigor mortis....to let the meat stiffen and contract.


answered 01 Mar '10, 12:37

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