My friend is overweight and she really needs guidance. I'm not over weight nor have I ever experience that feeling. She got a problems with her choices of foods. I tell her eat this way she wanted to cook her kids and husband the opposite from what I tried to tell her to. What are some of the foods that she should start cooking for her family dinners?

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This is a tricky subject because each body handles foods differently. Although there are tricks and rules all can go by. First off do not deny your body from any one certain food. If your craving a candy bar then take one bite and put it down. Wait 10 minutes to see if the craving goes away. If a craving does not get put under control then the person could try to mask up the craving by giving the body foods it is not craving. This can lead to over eating and taking in more calories than the one thing they craved to begin with. Diet soda has fake sugars. The fake sugars actually cause you to become thirstier. If your friend still wants to have soda then ask her to buy the small 100 calorie cans of soda. Portion control plays a huge factor. Did you know that a kids meal at McDonald's is the actual portion size for an adult? Instead of cooking with vegetable oil use olive oil and not a lot of it. Try to bake foods instead of deep frying. As for cooking for her family and her for only one meal is not as hard as it sounds. The first step is to cook at home instead of eating out, so she's already starting in the right direction. Keep her portions to the size of her fist or the serving size on the back of the package. A lot of soups actually have MSG in it and MSG is known to make you hungry soon after you've already ate. So, I suggest skipping any soups with MSG. Some things to cook would be dishes with lots of vegetables and lean meats, such as chicken stir fry in very little olive oil. For a healthier spaghetti try using Angel Hair noodles, leanest beef you can find, 2 fresh tomatoes chopped or diced, low calorie sauce, canned chopped black olives, chop up purple onions and green peppers, and add canned straw mushrooms in water. Cook this like you would normally. This gives you a healthy spaghetti with rich flavor and healthier choice.


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The "secret recipes" of the famous slimming programs are soups - good, tasty soups that fill you up so you can't eat so much calorie-laden food afterwards.

That was the original idea of eating soup to start a meal, after all. You can get ideas here


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Salad is always a good starter, Then what ever the main dish is always have 2 sides of vegetables. I also would say for snack time popcorn is great, It fills up up and is not to fatty of a food. Hope this helped, Good luck.


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Fresh fruits and vegetables are crucial to weight loss. When I was a raw vegan (i.e. only ate raw fruits and vegetables), I lost 30 lbs. within 6 months (and I was only 160). Tell your friend to up her intake of fruits and veggies, and she'll start slimming down in no time!


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there is a saying "eat breakfast like a richman,lunch like a middle-class man and dinner like a poor man".So have light dinner for staying fit.Including easily digestable foods with less oil will be better choice.


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You need to boost your metabolism. Eat foods that are rich in iodine. Iodine gets the thyroid going if it's sluggish, so Eggs, cheese, kelp, most fresh fish. Also, eat 6 small meals a day, instead of 3 huge ones. Lots of veggies. But try to stay in the greens. And of course water. Preferably distilled.

If you really want to lose weight you have to change your thought processes by telling yourself that you are perfect and have positive thoughts about yourself. Avoid mirrors, scales, and measuring tapes so you don't chastise yourself constantly. And never ever compare yourself to anyone else. Your clothes will loosen up and you'll be in the size you should be in no time.


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Try eating small frequent meals to boost metabolism. Fresh fruits and veggies even if you boil or steam them are great. Whole grain pastas fill you up and can keep you from eating too much more fattening food.


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Try to get her to cook only lean meats like chicken breast, sirloin, and fish. Don't add a bunch of butter to everything and cut out the desserts. A salad before a meal fills you up a little so that you don't over eat when the main course is served. She may have to make a separate meal for herself if she really wants to lose weight.


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