I have milk that is about to go bad.

I was considering making some mashed potatoes and the like and storing them in the fridge.

My question is, will they go bad?

I drink Milk really slowly (single guy) and I keep wasting even half-gallons!

asked 29 Mar '11, 00:41

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Why not buy a quart? And remember to always store it in the back of the fridge, not on the door. Also, (if stored properly) milk will last up to two week past the "best by" date (at least here in America, that is true).

(03 Apr '11, 03:59) Elizra

If you make food that requires boiling the milk, like sauces or custards, they will keep a while if refrigerated.

When you use the milk in mashed potatoes, it is not going to be heated enough to make much difference - you could use it today and eat the potatoes tomorrow, so you will get another day out of it.

I will post a more explicit reply later ...


answered 01 Apr '11, 18:22

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