Looking for a good thyme substitute - I love the taste, but I'm in a situation where I can't get any for several weeks. What can I substitute to get such significant flavor with my filets?

asked 15 Oct '09, 02:36

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There is no real substitute, but sage will give an interesting complex flavor that complements most meats. If you are talking red meat, rosemary is good, especially with venison or lamb.

I found a substitute list that mentions savory as a substitute - for thyme, sage and rosmary.

I haven't tried savory at all ...


answered 19 Oct '09, 02:27

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Try a variety of different things. Obviously nothing tastes exactly like thyme, but lots of things can you give a nice burst of interesting flavor.

Sage, rosemary, herbs de provence (especially in a wine sauce over your beef), all of these would be good choices.

I have a spice blend I love to put on beef that consists of ground mustard, chili powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, black pepper, and salt. Experiment with proportions to see what you like.


answered 07 Nov '09, 04:52

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I know this is going to sound strange but when I was in culinary school I played around with a lot of different spices and I think you should try mint I loved the contrast that it added to the meat paired with other spices it was very tasty.


answered 15 Oct '09, 03:38

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Oregano or basil add flavors similar to thyme. They also dry and store very well if you have a fresh supply that you want to save for later meals.


answered 22 Nov '09, 16:02

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Find the options for thyme substitution here


answered 21 Jun '12, 07:45

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thyme substi...
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