I forgot to set the timer or look at the clock when I was boiling eggs and therefore wasn't sure when to take the eggs out. The center in one that I opened is not fully cooked to my liking. They have already been cooled and in the refrigerator for a day. Can I re-boil the rest of the eggs so that the centers are fully cooked?

On a side note: How long can you keep hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator?

asked 12 Apr '10, 05:16

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@Sabrina - So what did you do and how did they turn out?

(21 Apr '10, 23:52) Ikkle Becca

I didn't end up re-boiling them. I had wanted to use them for deviled eggs, but I didn't think they would look right. I did eat a couple as an egg salad sandwich and it tasted fine, but then I ended up throwing the rest away. :)

(03 May '10, 05:31) Sabrina ♦

So this is without Internet research, just from personal experience...

I assume the one you already opened was soon after cooking, not after refrigerating? I think they should be OK, and I certainly don't think I would attempt to cook them again. The yolk will have hardened up a bit in the fridge and, on a plus point, they won't be dry and crumbly as they can go after over cooking hard boiled eggs. I suggest you try one and if you really don't like how they've turned out, buy and cook some more - it's not as if eggs are all that expensive!

I have kept hard boiled eggs in the fridge for up to a week after cooking - generally for making egg mayo sandwiches - and they have always been fine. Just make sure you know which eggs in your fridge are cooked and which are still fresh!


answered 13 Apr '10, 14:34

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Ikkle Becca
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what if the eggs are already cooked and not done inside but are crscked


answered 18 Apr '14, 20:49

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