Approximately how long can you keep an opened bag of chocolate chips before they go bad...months? years?

Or maybe the bigger question: Does chocolate go bad?

And what would be the best way to store chocolate chips if you don't plan on using them for a while?

Can you freeze chocolate? I think refrigerating it make it turn colors.

asked 12 Apr '10, 05:04

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Sabrina ♦
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Chocolate lasts a long time, and I am not sure if it actually ever goes completely bad. Chocolate does eventually become stale, and the more milk the chocolate has the faster it goes stale. I would not refrigerate or freeze the chocolate.

Store all chocolate in a cool dry place. Use milk chocolate within a year, semi-sweet/bittersweet chocolate within 18 months, and dark chocolate within 24 months.

I updated these pages:


answered 12 Apr '10, 14:49

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Kris ♦♦
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My one caviat to that would be - WHITE CHOCOLATE DOES GO BAD!! Speaking from experience, I don't think you can keep an open bag or bar of white chocolate more than a month or two, and certainly not years. I assumed you could and learnt the hard way you can't - the smell when you try and melt it is simply disgusting!! I guess it is all to do with the amount of milk fats - dark chocolate with high cocoa content will last simply ages (assuming you hide it well enough!) but white chocolate doesn't have this and so, like any dairy product, will go nasty!


answered 13 Apr '10, 14:39

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Ikkle Becca
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Ah good to know! I usually use white chocolate faster & more often than milk chocolate.

(13 Apr '10, 21:09) Sabrina ♦

at our restaurant, we used to freeze non presentation chocolate. cooling it down took us a few days, a day in the walk in fridge, and a day back in the box


answered 14 Apr '10, 01:26

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I freeze chocolate chips all the time, and I'm sure some are in the freezer for months. I also have my stash of chocolate by the bed, and it certainly can get to be months old. It is solid dark chocolate -- I don't think filled chocolates would last as well.

Happiness is putting on your winter coat for the first time in the fall and finding a chocolate easter egg in the pocket. :)


answered 23 Apr '10, 02:34

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@thursdaysgeek - I love that last line - it makes me want to hide chocolate eggs places just so I can find them! :)

(26 Apr '10, 20:25) Ikkle Becca

LOL - yes that last line, oh my, and it still tastes good after all that time? :)

(03 May '10, 05:33) Sabrina ♦

Oh yes it tastes good. In fact, I have some Boehm's dark solid chocolate from Issaquah, WA (USA) stashed, and I don't recall when we last went there, but it's been well over a year or two. There's no white on it, and it tastes wonderful. Um, it's tasting wonderful. :)

(28 May '10, 16:21) thursdaysgeek
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