I make homemade pizza and the family loves it. But I'm wanting to experiment with the crust some...I want to learn how the pizzerias make chewy crust - you know the kind that bends when you pick a slice up and has a chewy texture. Surfing around I haven't found the 'secret' to getting that texture. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me with that...

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Here's how I make my dough. Every measurement is ballpark, because I don't measure all that much.

Give yourself 2-4 hours ahead of your cooking time to get this going. More time rising is better than less.

In a measuring cup:

1 cup of warm water & 1/2 cup warm milk (not too HOT or you will kill the yeast!)

1/2 tsp honey

Mix well

2 tsp of yeast

Mix well

Let that bad boy foam for 5-10 minutes as the yeast eats the sugar and farts up a storm

In the mixing bowl (I use a Kitchenaid Mixer), dump in the above mixture.

Optional: Add a bunch of crushed garlic (a handful of cloves is what I put in). I like garlic in my crust.

Add 2 tsp olive oil

Plop in 1 cup of flour. I use either King Arthur regular or bread flour.

Add 1-2 tsp of salt (important step! Keeps the yeast from taking over the world!)

Mix on slow with the mixer blade thing that comes with your mixer

Plop in another cup or so until the mixture is not watery but not too doughy

Turn off the mixer.

Let everything do the 'meet and greet' thing. This, I think, is called a 'sponge'. The moisture activates the gluten structure in the flour and starts to make these amazing web structures that give the dough it's building blocks. The yeast is also starting to get excited during this phase. The sponge gives everything a head-start.

Hang tight for 5 or 10 minutes with a towel over the bowl to maintain the heat.

Switch to the dough hook attachment for the mixer.

Fire it up mixing again and slowly add more flour.

You'll know you've got enough flour when the dough is slightly moist, but not super sticky. Don't let it get dry by adding too much flour.

Put some olive oil in a big bowl and roll the ball of dough in there to cover it well (so it doesn't stick to the sides).

Put a towel over the bowel and put it in the microwave with the door slightly open (so the light bulb in the oven will keep it warm.

Don't screw with it for 1-2 hours. Then punch it down and leave it again for an hour or two.

Get your oven and pizza stone crazy hot (>=550 degrees if you can).

When ready, roll it out, throw it spinning up over your head, pick it up off the floor and pick off the dog hairs, put some corn meal on your pizza peel/paddle and put the dough on that. Slide it around to make sure it will slide off when you're ready to put it in the oven. This is very important.

Top the pizza with whatever junk you like on your pizza. Keep sliding it on the paddle to make sure it will come off.

Slide the pizza on the stone and cook for 4-6 minutes. Your mileage may vary. Less is obviously less crispy.

During this time, go pull the battery (temporarily) from the smoke detector when it goes off because you dumped cheese and pesto on the bottom of the oven making is smoke like a chimney.

Take the pizza out, crack a beer or pour the wine. And enjoy!


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Use bread flour in your recipe. It has a higher protein content that will yeild that stretchy crust your after.Also you need to KNEAD the dough to yeild a stretchy mass.


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Vital wheat gluten makes the dough stretchy and promotes a chewy crust. This is why pizzerias can stretch and throw their dough like carnival entertainers. It?s an additive that is blended with any flour before you begin the dough making process. It may be purchased at most supermarkets and it is not very expensive. Just follow the directions and add to your favorite bread or pizza dough recipe. Of course, the better your recipe, the better your crust will taste.


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OMG, Gernblandston, if you don't have your own cooking show, you have a new career waiting for you. I have never been so entertained by a recipe.


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i use the off brand of the pizza mix that comes in the bags at teh grocery store, they are usually like 3/3.00$. so they are easy to make and they are chewy and bendy LOL! My kids beg for it so i am sure your family will love them!


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