I am serving spiced rum apple cider at a holiday party this weekend and would like to provide food(s) that pair well with this drink. Does anyone know what types of dishes or desserts go well with spiced rum apple cider? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Make little triangular grilled cheese hors d'oeuvres using a sharp, aged cheddar and a provide dabs of brown mustard (preferably spicy). Bonus points for triple-decker wedges. The bite and saltiness of the cheddar and the toasted bread (if you use just a little butter on it when toasting) really off-sets the sweetness and the fruit flavors of the cider. Having something spicy to dip it in gives an extra dimension of awesome.


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+1 to this, I suggest good granary bread, and some good chutney also works well

(09 Dec '09, 10:30) Rich Seller
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