Imagine you are cooking spaghetti with bottled tomato sauce for dinner. What ingredients do you add to improve the overall dish? Examples: chicken breast, capers, sautee onions then add the sauce, etc.

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The Italians eat the pasta as a first or second course (after soup or an appetiser), then serve the meat as a separate course afterwards, with a vegetable garnish.

That's why there are few genuine Italian pasta dishes containing significant amounts of meat and vegetables.

One way to make the bottled sauce more interesting is to fry it a little. Put a couple of tablespoons of oil into a saucepan (Canola is fine), heat it up and add the bottled sauce a little at a time, so that it browns. Push the browned sauce to one side and repeat the operation over the heat - keep adding a little oil, then a little sauce, and browning off the sauce. It does make for an oilier product, but it tastes different to "ordinary bottled sauce", in particular the garlic doesn't hit you between the eyes as much.

Stir in a teaspoon of dried oregano and half a teaspoon of curry powder as you prepare the sauce to get something that will approximate to home-made sauce for most people.


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Interesting idea - might try this one!

(07 Dec '09, 04:06) Ikkle Becca

It is very nice over roasted meat and roast potatoes (or French fries, if you can stand the cholesterol load).

(07 Dec '09, 19:09) klypos ♦♦

I like frying some chopped up hot Italian sausage, green peppers and onions, then adding the sauce to the frying pan.


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I generally add one or more of garlic, onions, cheese, spices, mushrooms, bacon, red wine, chilli flakes, tomato paste or anchovies to boost the flavor of a sauce.


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All the above answers are great, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned fresh herbs :D


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If you're going to do any sort of cooking at all (e.g. saute onions) you might as well make the tomato sauce from scratch. To a sauce like this, made with onions, garlic and oregano, you could add chilli, anchovies, olives and capers. Nice and firey!


answered 07 Dec '09, 12:19

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Add a few splashes of Henderson's Relish. Adds a great umami depth to a dish.


answered 08 Dec '09, 20:04

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Rich Seller
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one block of cream cheese added to a jar of salsa makes a nice creamy and spicy red sauce for pasta and chicken


answered 07 Jul '11, 15:36

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That is very similar to a traditional italian style sauce that my wife likes a lot!

(13 Aug '11, 20:43) klypos ♦♦
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