I have just moved to America from England and am struggling to find any bread I like. The problem is that everything seems to have too much sugar/molasses/honey and are just too sweet for my taste.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for where I can buy good, sugar-free bread? I'd like to avoid expensive, speciality, artisan breads as these aren't really feasible for everyday use.

Or will I just have to resort to buying a bread-maker and making my own?

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Ikkle Becca
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I have an acquantiance that just moved here from Australia and said the same thing about bread. She told me that she shops at Great Harvest for bread. It seems as though they have lots of locations, maybe they will have one near you? You might also want to try shopping for bread at stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I don't know for sure, but I would think they would have a better selection of sugar"less" breads.

Also, I think it wouldn't be such a bad thing to buy a bread maker, it's a good investment if you plan on using it a lot and it's super easy and of course allows you to make any variety of bread. :) I love my bread maker! :)


answered 02 Dec '09, 23:33

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You can buy Old Tyme and Mrs. Baird's brands of sugar free whole wheat bread at Walmart. They are not available at all stores, so you can either visit your local Walmart or go online at http://www.walmart.com/ to check for availability. Nature's Own brand of sugar free whole wheat bread is available in many supermarkets in mainly southern states.


answered 30 Nov '09, 16:20

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Unfortunately we don't have a Walmart anywhere nearby. I'll look out for Nature's Own though, thanks!

(30 Nov '09, 17:05) Ikkle Becca

If you can't find the bread in your local store, you can see if there is an online grocer that delivers to you: http://www.recipepuppy.com/groceries/online/

(30 Nov '09, 20:34) Kris ♦♦

Im from australia and i had the same problem.. i tryed every bread in city market while ive been here for 6 months and well no hope in my opinon they all taste like fairy floss its terrible. and the sugar free breads tend to taste bad in the opposite direction. glad to be going home in two weeks to normal bread.. to acutaly be helpful though the natures own is one of the better ones ive tasted overall along with one of the "old fashion" brand breads...

good luck on the search!


answered 23 Apr '10, 23:41

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Good to know it's not just me then! I ended up buying a bred maker after only a couple of months and now very happily make my own bread. Now I know exactly what goes in it, and it isn't tons of sugar and molasses!

(25 Apr '10, 15:48) Ikkle Becca

I am from The Netherlands and I share the same problem living in USA. I think it the same in all of Europe, that bread is not sweetened. Why should it be? By French law, bread is only allowed to contain flour, water, yeast and salt. Anyway, as a solution to your problem (besides baking it yourself which is fun and often the best bread you'll ever had) I usually buy sourdough bread which does not have any sweeteners. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where it is a staple, don't know about other parts of the country.


answered 01 Nov '10, 07:31

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I'm from australia too and I can't seem to find any suger less bread either! It is terrible eating something savoury on american bread. I miss australian bread so much. I'm craving a cheese & vegemite sandwhich - it just doesn't taste the same with american bread.


answered 28 May '10, 17:18

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@jess - I highly recommend buying yourself a bread machine. I wouldn't be without mine now - almost all the results have been great, and soooo much better than the sweet American 'stuff'!

(30 May '10, 01:01) Ikkle Becca

Hey, we have something called 'white bread' in India (the only bread we used to have before we got Americanised in the wrong way) which is very tasty without sugar. I'm fed up with these sweeeeet American bread. I don't mind burger buns either if it wouldn't cost a fortune.


answered 13 Aug '10, 19:07

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A lot of supermarkets (though not all) will have "artisan" breads which are unsweetened. For instance, you can often get "Italian" or "French" breads which don't have sugar. There are even a few bakeries around the country that will do them, but as bakeries are so rare here that may be hard to find.

The answer really comes down to where you live. I used to be in Chicago, and sometimes saw unsweetened Italian loaves in Dominick's, and I can name a couple of bakeries that made great bread. I'm now over on the east coast, and have been able to find unsweetened bread in "Giant" supermarkets and in Wegman's. What you find will be specific to your area.


answered 01 Feb '11, 03:39

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Where I live in Northern CA, The Bay Area, there are bakeries in the malls called "Andersons". They make an English loaf that is to die for and it is stretchy and sugarless like English bread should be. Tastes great toasted with marmalade and with boiled ham and English mustard. Let's not forget the "Chip Butty" either:) Unfortunately the American palate is sweeter and even imported foods are sweetened for our population:(


answered 08 Apr '13, 15:28

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I have lived here in USA for sometime. I hate sugar taste in bread - If I want to eat sugar bread I rather eat Cake or Muffin. Why on earth they put sugar no matter how much in bread. For health reasons I want to avoid the intake of sugar - but with all bread in America loaded with sugar , there is no way it can happen !! It is unfortunate that this country is far behind with the rest of the world when it comes to sugar free foods!!


answered 30 May '13, 16:31

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I lived in Australia too - there is no problem like this over there : Over here in USA, it is next to impossible to find sugar free bread- if they call it low in sugar , they still add loads and loads of sweeteners ! What is wrong with America - like everything else ??? No wonder this country has so many health issues it is all attributed to what you take IN !!

I see some people quote few brand names they have researched: Frankly they are all loaded with sugar especially Mrs Baird brand in Walmart- Walmart never sells anything that is not sweet, it is the nature of their business practice - to be sweet


answered 30 May '13, 16:36

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