I'm planning on making some sushi at home, but I dont know what kind of rice to use. Whats the best kind to use for sushi?

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As the answers say, Japanese and California rice are great; however, why stop there, try basmati, or jasmine rice. It won't taste the same, but perhaps if you mix a bit of basmati with your Japanese rice you'll have your own secret recipe. I always thought of Sushi as playdough, No rules; basic ingredients are, sticky, rice, veggies, some form of meat, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

(11 Dec '09, 12:04) dassouki

The best rice to use for making sushi is the short-grain variety called, appropriately, Japanese rice. It is high in gluten, making it "sticky", which is essential for making sushi. Japanese rice is readily available in the international foods section of most major supermarket chains.


answered 27 Nov '09, 00:30

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I'm really into sushi and make it quite a lot. To do it properly you must use short grained rice. Most short grained sushi rice is produced in Japan and California. It's possible to substitute Italian risotto rice, because it's also short grained and plump in appearance.

You can use basmati or other long grained rice but it's just not authentic or correct. When someone suggested doing such a thing on my food blog, my Japanese friends threw up their hands in horror at the very idea.

Here's my recipe for making sushi rice.



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any kind of short grain rice. If it looks short n plump, that's perfect. Just make sure you add the right quantity of water, because it tends to need less than other varieties, and if its mushy it will be awful in sushi!


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I think it's fairly critical that you do use Japanese rice if at all possible. The results just don't tend to be as good with 'any old' short grain rice

(26 Jan '10, 19:03) Ikkle Becca

That's not the case, risotto rice is a perfectly good substitute for japonica or any other sushi rice. I would agree with the statement that any kind of short and plump rice is suitable for the purpose. I don't know why jasmin got a negative vote for suggesting something that's correct.

(11 Dec '10, 19:14) Not Delia

Japanese rice is what you're looking for, add a bit of sugar and vinegar to the water and you'll have some tasty grass seed in no time. Don't forget to add a pinch of salt!


answered 27 Nov '09, 07:04

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You don't really need to add any salt or sugar to the water.And the vinegar should be added after cooking and once the rice has rested for about 10 minutes.

(26 Jan '10, 19:02) Ikkle Becca
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