My family wants a deep fried turkey this Thanksgiving. Which cooking oil is the best for deep frying a 25 lb turkey?

asked 25 Nov '09, 08:24

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sounds healthy. Do you follow up with deep fried mars bars?

(30 Dec '09, 19:43) Rich Seller

Peanut oil is best for deep frying a turkey its can withstand very high temperatures without burning and has a nice light flavor which does not get in the way of the food that is cooked in it.


answered 25 Nov '09, 14:31

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Kathy Altholz
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Canola oil may be used, but almost any form of vegetable oil would be fine. To aqcuire your desired taste, I'd recommend frying a small piece of turkey in the different types of oils that you have and go from there.


answered 25 Nov '09, 09:48

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Peanut oil is the best for deep frying a turkey because it does not degrade at high temperatures. You can buy it in boxes that are perfect quanity for frying a turkey.


answered 25 Nov '09, 18:04

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Peanut oil is what I've always been told to use, and now there are giant jugs of them that you can buy at grocery stores.


answered 25 Nov '09, 21:23

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Deep frying anything large requires very high heat so you want oils that have high smoking points, the temperature at which the oil begins to burn, and a lot of oil. Peanut oil has one of the highest smoking points of all the commercially available cooking oils out there and is also pretty cheap in bulk. Safflower oil has a smoke point close to peanut oil and can be used instead, it is lighter in taste and texture in my opinion, however it would be a bit expensive to use for frying a whole turkey. Canola oil has a lower smoking point but can also be used. Stay away from corn and olive oil as they have relatively low smoking points and if you are not careful your bird will taste burnt when you pull it out of the fryer.


answered 26 Nov '09, 02:28

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I've only been involved in deep frying just a few turkeys, but from what I remember it was recommended that we use canola oil. I've been told that corn oil and sunflower oil are also some of the better oils to use when deep frying the turkey.


answered 25 Nov '09, 09:18

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I never heard of deep fried turkey before moving to Florida. But I can tell you from speaking with many many people here who make them every year, the preferred choice is Peanut Oil.


answered 26 Nov '09, 02:35

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its my first year frying a turkey also So what i need to know is what oil is best for some reason clear oil is cheaper what do u think taste better...?


answered 20 Nov '11, 22:29

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