How soon before my Thanksgiving feast must I remove the turkey from the freezer if the turkey is 12.5 pounds? Thanks in advance!

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The packaging on my turkey said

8-12 pounds 1-2 days

12-16 pounds 2-3 days

Mine is 11.5 pounds and I put mine in the refrigerator yesterday afternoon to start defrosting because my refrigerator is extra cold (so it might take longer) and I want it fully defrosted by Wed. night so I can cook it early Thur. morning.

If I were you I'd take it out of the freezer today! :)


answered 24 Nov '09, 02:19

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If you are thawing in the refrigerator allow 5 hours per pound(in this case 2.5-3 days)

If you are thawing in cold water allow 1/2 hour per pound(in this case 6-7 hours)


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Ah! This is a much better answer. :)

(24 Nov '09, 07:23) Sabrina ♦

Submerge the frozen bird, still wrapped, in a large bowl of cold water. Make sure to change the water every thirty minutes to keep it cold. This is the only safe way to keep the temperature low enough to discourage bacterial growth. This could take several hours. I would definitely start the day before roasting to allow the final thawing to take place in the refrigerator overnight.


answered 25 Nov '09, 06:17

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Yes you can thaw a turkey in cold water as long as you keep it wrapped up and you continue to change the water and like above stated every 30 minutes for health reasons. Time wise it should be about 30 minutes of thawing per pound. It is still recommended to thaw out a turkey in the fridge though as it is the safest process, however this takes much longer its about 24 hours per pound of turkey.


answered 25 Nov '09, 06:49

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First of all you put the frozen bird in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. Then you take the bird out and put it in sink with cold water until thawed. It should not take too long. Change the water out a couple times. Then when thawed placed back in refrigerator until you are ready to cook. Never just let it sit out at room temperature to let thaw because the turkey can go bad.


answered 25 Nov '09, 15:45

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Thaw it in cold water that completely covers the turkey. All parts of the turkey should be submerged. Allow about 30 minutes per pound to get it completely thawed. Lots of good directions are on if you need more help.


answered 25 Nov '09, 17:59

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