How can I tell that something has been freezer burned? Specifically, meat that my husband has had packaged and frozen for nearly 6 months in our deep freezer. These are meats from his latest hunting trip, and I need to know how to tell if it should be thrown out due to freezer burn!

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Freezer burned meat has spots where the color and texture are changed. On beef or other red meat the spots are grayish; on poultry the spots usually appear white. The texture of those spots will look leathery. There is also often a buildup of ice crystals on the meat.

Freezer burn affects the quality of the meat, it won?t taste as good and it will be tougher, but it doesn?t actually make the meat dangerous to eat.


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And, if you add spices or cook it in a stew, you may not even notice the loss of quality, unless it is really severe. If it was wrapped well, 6 months should not be that bad at all.

(22 Nov '09, 23:46) thursdaysgeek

Foods that have freezer burn hold a change in their appearance. This change usually is a discoloration of the meat, a leathery like appearance where it would normally be a plump flesh, and an appearance of ice crystals on the surface of the skin of the product. While freezer burn is usually associated with meat products, it can also affect other items such as fruits and vegetables.


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