I am preparing dinner for 25 people this Thanksgiving. Would it be better to purchase 2 smaller turkeys or one large? I'm asking because I am concerned about the meat tasting dry. I have heard that younger turkeys are more tender, but don't know if it is true.

asked 22 Nov '09, 17:33

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I would recommend that you buy one large turkey and invest in an electric turkey roaster, right before thanksgiving you can find them on sale, I've bought them for $22. The beauty of the turkey roaster is that it bastes the turkey itself, it cooks faster and I've never had one turn out dry, I cook 5 large turkey's every year for 4 separate Thanksgiving Feasts, and I swear by my roasters.


answered 22 Nov '09, 21:16

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I personally would cook two turkeys for Thanksgiving. As previously mentioned, it would give you double the amount of wings and legs, which will please a lot of people. It would also allow two people to carve the turkey at the same time, cutting down the prep time before everyone can eat!


answered 23 Nov '09, 17:57

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I would say to buy 2 smaller turkeys. There will be more dark and white meat to go around. Also there would be more legs and wings to give out. I am not positive that smaller turkeys are more tender but I would think that they would be.


answered 22 Nov '09, 20:38

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What kind of oven space do you have? I would think that one large turkey would fit in a normal oven, but it might be hard to fit the pans in for two at a time.

I cook my turkey in an extra hot oven, turkey on its side, with air flow through the center of the turkey, and a large turkey only takes a couple of hours to cook, and the meat is very tender. If you cook it breast side up, especially for a long time, it's more likely to be dry.


answered 22 Nov '09, 23:49

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+1 for considering oven capacity

(02 Jan '10, 17:10) Rich Seller

I would say to cook two turkeys because you would have twice the amount of legs that everyone seems to like and one more wish bone to make more wishes come true!


answered 23 Nov '09, 02:23

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Cook 2 turkeys for thanksgiving. I think they'll be more tender and tastier that the entire family will be happy about. :-) Best part are the legs, there will be more of them! :-)


answered 23 Nov '09, 06:08

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Cooking two smaller turkeys would give you an option to prepare them differenty, especially if you have a larger party. You could roast one the traditional method and the other you could have smoked, fried, or seasoned differently.


answered 24 Nov '09, 00:55

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