It's been a while since I've made Rice Krispy Treats. Everytime I've made them recently they turn out rock hard. I'm not sure how to describe it, except that when you take a bite they break apart like eating ice cubes rather than have any give or smoosh to like a soft cookie. I followed the recipe on the box and use fresh ingredients and butter. How do I make them so that they are softer?

asked 04 Nov '09, 10:52

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It sounds like you might be cooking the marshmallows and butter too long, that the temperature is getting too hot and you are getting to a candy stage. Cook them until the marshmellows are just barely melted, and then take the pan off the stove while you mix in the rice krispies.


answered 05 Nov '09, 03:14

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Ah! That totally makes sense, thank you!

(07 Nov '09, 08:26) Sabrina ♦

I have the same issue. I have always suspected that it was due to my eating of marshmallows during the cooking.


answered 07 Nov '09, 03:43

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Don't let the marshmallow's and butter boil. Cook it very slowly and keep stirring the entire time. As soon as the mixture is almost completely melted and marshmallow's are the size of peas or smaller, add the rice crispys and get it off of the stove and into your serving dish.


answered 22 Nov '09, 15:51

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