Can I freeze whole fresh lobster without cooking it first? Fresh whole live lobster is on sale now but I want to save it for an upcoming birthday dinner.

asked 14 Oct '09, 16:07

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No. Lobsters have creepy digestive systems. When they die the begin to digest themselves turning the meat mushy and a bit gross. Crabs are the same way. So par-cook them ( about 6-8 mins per pound) cool and freeze. You should be able to put up as much lobster as you wish using this method.


answered 14 Oct '09, 19:04

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Yes you can freeze the lobster without cooking it first. You will see lobster for sale that is frozen at the store. Obviously any thing that isn't frozen will taste better. It is said that it is humane to put a live lobster in the freezer to put it to "sleep" before putting it in the pot.


answered 14 Oct '09, 19:13

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If you see frozen uncooked lobster for sale, it has usually been frozen rapidly using an industrial system, then shrink packed. That does not mean you can freeze an uncooked lobster at home.

You kill the lobster before cooking, you do not kill the bacteria associated with the lobster at that time, and they can carry on working at low temperatures - which is what causes the effect rmarsalis is referring to.

If you are doing the job at home, you want to cook the lobster before freezing it, as rmarsalis said. That kills the bacteria in the lobster's gut.

Apart from any other considerations, it has bacteria on the outside that are killed during cooking - you do not want to put marine bacteria, that can function at low temperatures, anywhere near the interior of your freezer.


answered 19 Oct '09, 20:43

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