So, my wife insists that somebody bred a bean a while ago that didn't give you gas. She says it was some variety of a borlotti bean or pinto bean, that there were Italian scientists involved, and it was not commercially successful because it was "plain ugly".

All I could find on the matter was from a man in South California, who swears he doesn't get gas from beans because he uses lemon juice when he cooks them. He never tried growing lemons in the north of England ...

Anybody got a clue what she's on about?

asked 18 Oct '09, 01:54

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I was told a long time ago that the secret to prevent extra gas from beans is to thoroughly wash them. For example if using kidney beans from a can, drain them then thoroughly wash the beans under cold water till they drain clear.

I use this technique with all beans except for beans that come in a sauce.


answered 18 Oct '09, 11:22

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It works to some extent, because it is a commonly given answer all over the www - it is a good idea, but not the one I was seeking.

(13 Nov '09, 04:25) klypos ♦♦
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