Can you freeze gallons of milk and if you can for how long? How long is it good for after you thaw it?

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I don't think you can freeze milk, but you can also try powdered milk. It taste like skim milk but you have to make sure that you mix it well. It has a similar consistency to skim milk.


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I recently had my refrigerator stop working. With a small child at home, I needed fresh milk for him while we waited for a new refrigerator to be delivered. Since the freezer was still working, I was able to freeze the milk. I bought a gallon and poured one cup servings into small ziplock freezer bags, making sure to allow for expansion in the bags once the milk froze. As my son needed a bottle, I would take a bag of milk out and put in the microwave on defrost until it was liquid. I then heated the milk until warm (the way he likes it) as I normally would with fresh milk. There was no bad taste and it worked like a charm!


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On yahoo answers someone asked this question and all eight responses were 'yes'. One person said they thought it changed the taste, but no one else did. One person said you should stir it well after thawing.

Freezing slows the spoilage process to nearly a stop. So, if there were four days left on the 'use by' date when you froze it, it should be good for at least three after thawing (unless it's frozen for a long time).


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No, hun, you cannot. If you decide to freeze a gallon of milk it will burst. It also gives the thawed milk an undesirable taste and texture and separation that can lead to earlier decomposition.


answered 17 Oct '09, 21:45

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I freeze milk all the time. It tastes fine when you thaw it. All you do is put it in the freezer. Don't know what these other people are thinking.


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Of course you can freeze milk, and this will make it last much longer before spoiling (think months or years), but the question is whether thawed frozen milk is just as good as fresh milk. My experience with freezing foods is that the flavor is usually indistinguishable, but the texture can be very different because the ice crystals grow and change the molecular structure. So it might be a little more watery or different in texture after you thaw it, but I think it'll taste fine.

Also, as others have noted you have to be very careful when freezing it in a closed container because it will expand just like ice, and possible burst the container.


answered 18 Oct '09, 08:19

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YES, you can most definitely freeze milk. I do it all the time. I buy 2% milk by the gallon. I live 20 miles from the nearest reasonably priced grocery store, so I usually buy 4 or 5 gallons a month and freeze them to have on hand all month. You can't freeze the whole gallon jug, because it will expand when it freezes. I usually save the carefully washed 2 liter soda bottles that I have used during the previous month. I pour about 1/2 of each gallon into a soda bottle, tighten the top and set it down in freezer. I have not noticed any change in taste and neither has my husband, a big milk drinker. When I take a bottle from the freezer I set it into a sink of COLD water. I leave it until a little has thawed, shake it well and put it in the refrigerator. I like to shake it every time I go into the refrigerator, just to make sure it's well blended. It also helps break up the ice. The ice is fine too, it is MILK. It's not like putting ice into milk. It is fully flavored. I have found that frozen milk lasts just as long as regular milk once it's thawed. I use a Sharpie and right on each bottle the number of days left until the expiration date when I put it in the freezer. When I take it out I write what day should be the expiration date on it. Freezing milk is very easy and it's a great way to save money if you catch a good sale or if you're like me, a long drive from a good store. Good luck.


answered 18 Oct '09, 16:33

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Yes! You can definitely freeze it and it can be frozen for up to three months. However, when you defrost it (in the refrigerator) if can take a few days and may seperate. Shaking it gently before pouring will resolve this issue.


answered 18 Oct '09, 20:35

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You can actually freeze milk if it is bagged first! I would recommend stirring it after thawed.


answered 20 Oct '09, 05:22

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It highly expensive to freeze gallons of milk and it is practically not possible as it is difficult to handle.even it won't taste good after you thaw it.


answered 18 Oct '09, 02:07

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